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HEIL  HINDU !                                 -          1TT
seduced, walking in a new world from which even the hypnotic
voice of the Mahatma can never recall them.
For into this new world the Mahatma does not fit—not by any
stretch of the imagination. Those young men, whether Gandhi
knows it or not, and whether they know it or not, are lost to him
for ever. And by the end of 1944 it is calculated that there will
be over 40 million of them. ;
Summing up, we may say that the realities of the situation—
apart altogether from the fact of his advanced. age—have .in-
evitably robbed Gandhi of his bitterest sting. Non-violence
been exposed, and for all, as the violent humbug which it
really is. And. though some of his followers may still pay lip-
service to the ideal of charkka, most of them will soon cease even
to pretend that it is of the least value in solving India's problems.
Meanwhile, of course, the incense will continue to drift around
him, the halo will be polished brighter and brighter by millions;
of adoring hands, and. when eventually he departs from .this
world, it is a safe bet that he will be canonized and sit for ever
enshrined among the myriad gods of the Hindu pantheon.